Saturday, February 11, 2012


so busy

never satisfied

looking for
in what we're doing,
and not doing what we're meaning with what
we're looking for

in a culture where
self love is measured by
self indulgence
and what is sacred
is subverted to
the alter and
slaughtered by sarcasm

i find myself on the edges asking

where are we going?
where have we been?

what is genuine?

we can talk about talking
we can think about thinking
this world is so fucking meta

who are these assholes?
what are they trying to say,
without actually saying it?

no one is honest anymore
because honesty is not clever
or ironic
it is not safe
or protected

honesty is both an opening inside
and a weapon to turn and stab with

concealed behind our masks
i ask
to remove mine

as to live honestly and openly

Friday, February 3, 2012

Venom and Arrows

The archer taught me how to love

honest arrow
direct and straightforward

it does not shoot aimlessly

it has a target

serious, much like the art of war
the battles here are not fought in bloodshed
but made in love spread
that paints our entire entangled bodies
the color of children breathing meadowed mazes of
Port land islands surrounded by giant oaks
where my hunter got lost chasing lust through the Grantwood forests

my arrow pointed true but
no one told me its tip was venomed

too much is poison

as I have seen
and killed
a many

too much
too fast 

but I never speak of those days,
I promised to never hunt again
because I love like the arrow steeped in
a lethal toxin