Tuesday, May 3, 2016


A wise man once said that love and compassion are necessary
for human survival.

His image, on the black and white refrigerator magnet, stares back at me like the abyss.

In my moments of solitude, I reclude with the orange juice and ponder what we have done.

Growing in a world without guidance
we have constructed our little lives,
our narratives of who we are
and why we are - fragile like an eggshell cracked open.

I am pouring my contents out
into a pan;
it's all scrambled together.
I serve it to myself.

Some try to organize it: protein, fat
Some try to insert meaning: "Thank you for this food we're about to eat..."
Needing food
Wanting energy
Drink coffee, drive, work
eat sleep eat sleep
Be successful
The contents on our plates are in discrete piles,
not touching.

I belive eating will sustain me despite feeling like the empty cracked shells.

The wise man on the magnet is smiling at me.
We have been trained to
distinguish, septate
All that has been constructed this way
denies connection.
All that has been constructed this way, like all things,
will inevitably crumble.
can only sustain our bodies,
which will crumble.

I spread avocado on my toast connecting them, like I want to connect.
Connection sustains
transcending decay.
I want to experience us in time and place
I want to spread over community,

Love and compassion are as necessary as food and water.
Breakfast is meant to be had