Friday, August 17, 2012


I see the universe looking
back in on itself in those deep
abysmal pupilets encased in
your snowy-blue mountain eyes.

I have rode to its edges and back
through their portals
and have known what it means to truly
contemplate temporality.

Those starry nights you stare down
pierce holes in my armor and
pour over like ice-diamonds
pour over like powdery-whispers
pour over like laughter tickling numb prickles under my skin.

I'm afraid to lose you here,
where I have seen lights and shadows of myself wear your mask,
walk your path.
Where I have seen you in fast forward motion, growing whiter.

Here,where we are no longer recognizable as you or I or ego,
Closer than id,
I see the reflection of this void as entirety,
this creation, as closing.
Both sides transform, and
depending on which direction you are looking through,
it will take or toss you.
What you do in between is all your story.