Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let Go, General

Unmovable Emotionless Force of Steel:
Why do you try to save your earth
if you know not the purpose of its fruit and flowers?

High and Ridged Isolated Controller:
you cannot solve all of the alchemy;
one day you will have to relinquish your power.

Chilly winds of the noble north
that breathe through you
(and bleed through you).
You deny your existence of compassion
and flaw
You resist your completion
by denial of carnal right and law

Militant judge-
your molding clay
hardens with air and with fire.
I am the water
the giver
the movement
the undoer
your defy-er.

You are not above humanity
you forget your humble roots
you are ignorant to all beauty
you ignore the simple truths-
you are not all knowing
you are not seeing all sides
you turned your back to my corner
you have developed a blind eye.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Friend Betrayed

What to do with a friend betrayed?
The argument unsettled
the tight knot, loose and frayed.

How to trust when the bond is broken?
No apologies, no sympathy
ignorant smiles, the issue unspoken.

What will happen when time has passed?
Does the crack mend
does it grow a gap?

Sincerity binds,
Acknowledgments stick.
Close mindedness shuts,
Selfishness splits.

What to do with a friend betrayed?
Alone you cannot meet them half way.

Collaborative efforts combine, combine
Open honesty relief, rely
Too much pressure crumbles and divides
Denial isolates and solidifies

the growing gap
the time gone by
the friend forgotten
the trust unwinds.