Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Time elapses.
Dust settles.

Freedom and solitude
wear the same face.

Gathering of scattered masses,
working towards their metals

Alone in the multitude-
This is still the same place.

I recognize the outfits.
I see patterns and trends.

I stop and talk to people,
some my so called friends.

Green fades fast
into an orange blaze,

It takes a strong heart to get along these days.

I understand why you don't ask
but I'm doing just fine.

I'd like to think it hurts to ask
but we both have our reasons why.

Everything is fixed in time,
or at least that's what I'm told.

Maybe we just give up or forget
as we start growing old.

All I ask my friend,
is to live and forgive- with no regrets.

Remember the good, the inspiration.
Please do not forget.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Hunt

at the center, and your prey

Mislead for meaning,
Trust carried away.

The kill complete- taste and treated
so sweet
Marks of Your scent- all over the meat.

Foxes, Minks, Venus, Perfumes
one by one They enter the room.

of stiletto heels.
Promise of a new hunt,
left behind- the old meal
for the picking of the runt.

Friendships and Bonds- Gestures forgotten
The spoils of new beauty will turn You rotten

When impulse and desire take the reins
with complete inconsideration for feelings
Cats scratch claws with venomous fangs
Mistrusted and disgusted You leave.her.reeling.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Feed me more lines

Beautiful, flattering lines of powder.

Spit them
Speak them
Snort them
Chew them
Take in their flattery while they still have the power.

The feeling wears off
their meaning is lost

Makes me itch for more of your flowers

When what you said before holds truth no more
I am fiending and skeeving, hurting not healing

Your lines have turned me sour.

Monday, August 17, 2009

One Night Stood

Attempt to merge
and find meaning in the movement
stirring up your insides.


Seeking truth
in the moments we lie together
we die together
wanting to make our mark.

exchange of energy
of life

2 hearts pounding
in sync deep within


heavy downward
stale air
just stare
forced movement
force end.

Play dead.
Start over again.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The End is Near

The end is near
Underneath a starry October sky
I walk the line of fire
Evil Villains, with their bright wide eyes
Conversing with drunk bums
Sad, lonely, innocent and dumb
They speak of God and meaning
While Jesus and Buddha fight
over who would drive to McDonalds

Armageddon soon
Rosy red fingers touch frosty din
I wake with desire
All the heathens shed off their skins
Forgetting released inhibitions
Alone, groggy, upset, the commotion
And wonder where their hearts are leading
After Buddha and the Villain reach enlightenment
but they forgot their pen.

Guess it’s the end.
Learn to swim