Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To a Gentleman Cowboy

Gentleman Cowboy:

You took over the sunny room-
sensational darkness in my ears
the art on your walls
Painting made left un-hung

I understand why you're going West
It was always about you.

the routine.
the grind.
the grit.
the bind.

only the mundane
the misery.
I saw you sinking
without your horse.

You grasped the reigns
both hands tightly
!You looked so alive!
previous engagements.

I saw you ride-
the uncomfortable, brutal, beautiful, honest films
the breaking bed
the falling stacks
your cool reserve

the growing distance
the awkward glances
our naked mouths dry of stale conversations

Then I knew
it would end.
But you did not see
over the high cups of caffeinated historical jargon
my sadness.
You could not speak
after thoughtful articulated letters
to your feelings.

I held my face like a poker card
so you can become a silhouette,


will you close
what you opened with music?

Or did you just want to dive in and out of me
to leave me in the solitude of your silence?

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