Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This is Not About You

Boy oh boy
I see you from a far
we exchanged some glances
and yes maybe there are chances
between the spaces in our conversation
where you thought
of fucking me.

And boy oh boy
I know it's not a stretch
to have you come and confess
that you had 'such a great time' or
that you would really 'love to call me'
when I know that your lines
are rehearsed game.

Boy oh boy
you sure can talk
and you know you got it
with that smile, that walk,
that caress, that stare
you put on that charm
makes a girl want to take off her underwear
Boy oh boy
I think it's lame
that when I cut through that game
and speak it
that you can't play.

So you plan the escape
because you got what you wanted
and the morning's going to come
you did too,
boy I hope you weren't the only one.

Now the bed feels too small
and you stopped thinking
with your little balls
at least about this room
at least about this dame
oh boy oh boy
it's enough to drive her insane.

Where oh where is a man
oh man?
or someone to explain to me
so I might understand...

this time
is better left

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