Thursday, February 10, 2011

H. I? N.

Did I fuck up?
I am not perfect
and I cannot
will not
shall not
be able to
do the
right thing
what is my right
is your left
or down
or up
or in
or out
of my mind
this time
this rhyme
hoping so badly
that I am not blind
to see through it
the bull shit
and able to
toward something
to me
that you
can respect
that you can take
or accept
and not take
which would lead me
whether it was
or was not
the "right" thing
or the left thing
I hope you just saw it
as a thing
and that my aim was true
and my intent was pure
so I will not go
prodding you
pleading for a cure
to the incessant wondering
in the back of my head
hoping for a sign
Reading into nothing
I would like you to know
my purpose was true
not mean to attack
or anger
or threaten you
so I would like to say
or goodbye
I am happy you happened
and at least I tried
and if you want to
you can tell me too
that I fucked up
trust me
if you're honest
I will be cool.

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