Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanks for the Strawberries


Like the first
Strawberries of the season.

You compare a girl
a perfect Stranger
to these ideals of
and pristine.

I do not see
how the ripe and ready fruit
the red and robust berry
can be one of innocence.

I cannot conceive
how these weaved and wicked foods
bulbous and bursting
are those of beauty.

I cannot compare
the clean, the chaste
the spotless or the sparkling
to this sinful fruit. 

Pristine as the juice that runs down and out

Beautiful as the glutton gorging on its insides

Innocent as the red stains on your hands

You think of me not as the tart one...
But are the tart berries not the most
innocent beautiful and pristine
by definition?

The berry who is perceived
to be ready
Who is plucked
before maturation...

The tart and innocent temptress fruit

Are the tinted, ripened and complex
not more delicious?

I sir, am proud to be stained
and ready!

I am tart.
I am sweet.

I am not your perfect berry.
I am the most delicious and disgusting taste
that you will wish never met or left your mouth.

Colored and

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