Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The silence is what kills me

The questioning

The if's

those spaces
which I held


for your interjection
never coming
never saying
never singing

Did I hear the fire?
Did I see the beat?
Did you ever wonder
what the sound of one side
when it aches
for understanding?

When it reached for a light

a laugh

a touch

Throwing out lines
angry nets
gathering whatever much
they can

Placing together
pieces that
don't fit

desperately trying to
fix the cracks

fill the gaps
and hold onto any
meaning that was worth

A word
A smile
An embrace
An acknowledgement of
A converation
A mountaintop kiss
in the sleepy silence of moon lit fireflies ?

I crash there
in your blue
(at least I think they are
blue) oceans of skeyes

The silence
is what kills

The silence
is screaming

The lack of

The absence of

of understanding

Verbose longing
the pangs
of a fire
of a beat
of smashed sea shells
crashing into meaningless significance

My mouth is bitter weeds
My mouth wants to sing you honey

Oh why
                                  -Were the sentiments one sided?
were they not enough?

Oh words
where are you?

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