Thursday, December 15, 2011

Incapable of Being Friends

To know
to exist with
and to understand
one another
has penetrated so deep
that the bonds of friendship cannot contain it

All of the apologies
that one can create

All of the excuses
that one can fabricate
will never surmount
to to the impact

That felt this

A melody
A memory
distorted with time
only accessible by
what is chosen to put on display
Is the contact now
that is shared

as much as possible

friendship is inconceivable

Late beers
with the pretties surrounding this night
for now
they will do.

For now
don't think of you.

Satisfaction is becoming more

It's all tumbled into one thing
the feeling


That feeling (losing) is not yours to



still linger.

You grow.

Wanting to know
who you have become

wondering if it is capable to love.

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