Friday, March 15, 2013


We don't do well in isolation.

Alone with our thoughts-
a big empty room
full of blank spaces
marked with blank traces
in a darkness obscuring.

A dangerous mind can cause a reaction in another-
of life altering revelations,
purples flames fading to green sounds of
fireworks sizzling one synapse to the next.

These actions change the way we understand ourselves,
and how we choose to act.

But in action there needs to be something,
someone who witnesses, or feels that force.
A fire warms no one unless they stand near enough to feel the orange glow.
The wind moves nothing unless there is something in its path.
If nothing is there to receive an action then,
nothing is happening.

Our minds are capable of creating and fabricating the most elaborate scenarios. We can paint with colors that don't exist,
defy physics and all rationality.
Our minds are all dangerous in this sense. But a mind is not dangerous unless it is given a canvas.

Imagine a story with no one in it. A story where there were no actors, no objects, no participants; nothing.
Or worse, imagine
a story never told or shared.

That story,
that picture
that idea,
that action
will do nothing
in isolation.

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