Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stormy Nights

Fighting every emotional bone in my body,
I move
slowly initiating
my mind slowly swaying like a boat on your seas

Put your hand on my chest.
Feel thunder inside me.
I am drowning in the storm.

and in-
The currents swirl like blue infinity around me.
I hold my breath. Calm stillness in the center 
to observe the capability of your insistence on destruction,
never apologizing
never taking accountability,
wrecking, breaking, blaming...

If I hold on, you'll take me down
to hit the hard, hard ground,
where I lay heavy with your tides flowing over me.
If I let go now, I might drift away, 
find some shelter in another lover
with two feet firmly planted, ready to make roots.

My hand cracks
as fingers unfurl, the only sutures left for hope of our salvation, 
I see through the splinters 
a yellow warmth, a singing light. 
As it rises over the horizon, breaking clouds, I know
there comes an end to eternal storm and night.

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