Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Day Love Died

I remember the day love died
When hearts stopped bleeding
When people refused to cry

I remember asking why
"It's too dangerous", they said
"Hurts too much to try"

But why should one try to love?
When it is something so simple,
So pure
Why deny what is natural?
So beautiful,
parts of us we should explore.

"Love is complicated and complex
You give love
but might not get it next.
And what good is love
if not in return?
This is why love will hurt you and burn."

How can it be dangerous?
It inspires, smiles,
and lives without malice.
 Love can create,
the opposite of hate,
an aspect of life, we should not try escape.

"It is a weapon, or a poison if you will...
Tares up you spirit, enough to kill.
If love makes us scared
it's not meant to be shared.
So now what good is your love for?
You're blind, not prepared"

No matter how hard I tried
to defend our love
They let it die
For the fear of
and while refusing
and pain
Our hearts stopped bleeding
convinced of nothing to gain.

And with its last moments
the day now fulfilled,
when our hearts' murmurs
were at a stand-still,
And the frosty ice sunk
deeper inside
Love died silently
without a good bye.

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