Sunday, September 5, 2010

Upon your Departure

Upon your departure today
which left me a little sad
because I wanted to join you
because I wanted to go too

It also left me with the thoughts
of what it is I am really doing.

I choose
Because it is my life

I remember
once not too long ago
How I fell in love with
not your looks
or your charm
or the vast wonderful thoughts
which are an essence of who you are


I fell in love with
the entirety of you.

Now, after I broke
and I spoke about
how it was my life
and what I needed to figure out

After I wandered
searching for the body
for the soul to satisfy my desires
I find myself in solitude
things I cannot have
and wondering if I was being selfish
if I had broke for wrong
and spoke out of ignorance

It is here upon your departure,
that I desire to be there
looking at your vast steady eyes of imaginative spirit
and respectfully held
safe in your arms.

But I know that there is more
much more than that
that keeps you leaving
and me staying
that keeps us silent.

I know
I wish I didn't
but I've known.

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