Sunday, December 12, 2010

Heart Strings

Exposed delicate tiny fiber
taught between love
and fear,
humming quietly
excitedly shy
wondering how it got here.

Before it was loud
vestal, capricious delight
vibrating with life
voracious for lust
never lost it's appetite.

And after a strapping Bow
plucked it along and
blaring augmentations
played a long
hard, sad song-
it strung out.

Now tiny fiber,
you're broken in
knowing and feeling.

By the right hands
you know which
strokes and beats
whistles and blows
combine to create
a symphony.

But will your audience be moved
by your quivering happy thrills?
Are they heated and chilled?
Or do they walk out
leaving the pauses
without any applauses,
hollowed and swallowed
passing passion unfulfilled?

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