Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Week

1 week.
passes by
usually the same-
people come and go
seasons change.
We attend the schedules
crunch the hours
craving sleep when waking
and craving waking while sleeping.
We measure the time
between our next responsible beer
and the intoxicated decisions
we wish we seldom
but often mis

7 days.
of trudging through mundane
growing accustomed to
sets. Abiding
Giving and giving
going and doing
making and taking
here, there
chasing the nightmarish tail
that America used to believe in.

168 hours.
breaks with the
Lights and minds moving
seeing, creating,
moving you.
Music smiles
and you wiggle
your insides
stirring, stretching
you've captured something...
but what?

10080 minutes.
it sings
vivid colors in the abysmal sky
fly, you cry
as your heart skips
and opens to these
sacred, precious moments

604800 seconds.
you've known it
and it's already
erased the schedule
shown you beauty and
intoxicated your sober thoughts.
You let go
you admit you don't know
and this delicate
little bud of truth
has you
on your knees,

wishing that it was still the beer
you had been waiting for...

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