Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walls and Maps

I set up the walls,
I draw the lines.
What a nice little map
we have of our houses.

In there I keep
precious commodities
memories, nostalgias,
moments, oddities...

Where there are doors
which lead to doors
and doors
and door mouses.

Each, locked up so tightly.

If there is a chance
of it opening,
the shadows run and hide
revealing the sliver of truth
in your path.

If you play your cards well
and I give
access to an opening
where contents are not mentioned
in the blueprints or the math.

This confidential material,
you had better protect
and accept.

For, if you abuse it
the game will refuse it
no longer following you
into hidden traps.

But if you infiltrate
and manage to escape
then the house of cards crumbles
splintering light and shadows
of smudged charcoal maps.

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