Monday, January 3, 2011

While I was Out

While I was out
I found a girl
All a walking
Alone in the world.

She was friended by many,
As the stories foretold
Adorned with an elegance
Even with tattered clothes

Sharp with her tongue
She could catch truth in your lies
So clever and witty
Always a twinkle in her eye

Awe-struck and enamored
I stammered and stared
At this girl out a walking
With beads in her hair

Curiosity got the best of me,
And my heart pushed and shoved
So I asked, quite timidly:
Where are you from?

I come from a place
Of beauty untold
The sky, painted with diamonds
And streets paved with gold
And with her eyes all a sparkling-
The story began to unfold:

There, my people were all happy
Cared for and strong
We danced and sang in harmony
Out such beautiful songs

Life seemed perfect
In every which way
Until came a Stranger
That One Fateful Day

At first we paid no attention
For he seemed too old
Too worn, too tired
But lo and behold!
Held up a half
That we thought was whole
And put with another
To create a new soul

Some were shocked
Others dismayed
And our King, my father
Would soon forbade
This man from the kingdom
From the country
From our realm … for,
Two souls merging was seen as not heaven
But hell.

              So She left all this comfort
And beauty behind
To chose her own path
Destination unknown
For uncharted mountains to climb
To find the piece to make her half whole

She tamed wolves
Battled elephants
Lived with gypsies
Sang with birds
Planted flowers
Reached enlightenment
Fell from grace
And lost her words.

She confronted demons
Slept with dogs
Invaded nests
Talked to trees
Tasted honey
Got stung
Fell for it and
Scraped her knees.

She became a villain
Fought with generals
Lost a cowboy
Played the violin
Remembered herself
Forgave others
And bit the fruit
Of carnal sin.

I listened with wonder
At her marvelous feats
This adventurous woman smiled,
And our eyes did meet
She caught me there
But the twinkle was gone
Replaced by a flare
Of a fire so strong

Unable to move
I had to ask more questions
To find answers to sooth

Did you find the other half
Of what you thought was whole?
Did you find what you needed to create a new soul?

Laughing and sparkling
Eyes blazing with light
She spoke to me: Child
Neither that man, nor my father were right.

I have discovered, to be with another
You can feel alive and new
But if you feel empty alone
Then the other will not do

Neither is completed by the other alone
Both must be whole pieces
Independently grown
Only when you are a fulfilled soul
Can you come to make room for the new half of your whole

So with her wildfire eyes
And beads in her hair,
Her tattered old clothes,
And unmatched flair
I bade her farewell
To travel my own new routes
Finding love and self love
While I was out. 

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