Monday, May 2, 2011


It all started with a little spark
A glare here or
Match sticks struck up conversation.
Flattery and loneliness fed that fire-
Along with the carnal longing of youth.

As luck may have it,
or as you might say,
We breathed and fed-
You were nervous
I was easy
As we joked about truth poured over libations.

There was neither protection nor containers
to hold or control these flames
Boundaries were endless
Where I shed
One by one
And you were fed
In that sun
Warming ourselves in the light

And we breathed
And we fed
And we breathed
And we fed
Dropping without stopping
Uncontrollable ignition
Forgetting and consumed
In the blazing holy night.

The moon
The stars
 engulfed by our fires
Ate and ate and ate
You grew tired
And craved cool waters
But more fire is what I gave for your thirst.

A Hellish Hediness
Smothering with flames
Desirous of more to consume-
But you were dry
And tried to say goodbye-
So then she began to fume.

Delirious with rage
She desperately looked around for more matches
But when she awoke
From the fire and smoke
All that remained were just ashes.

You were just trying to push the heat away

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