Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heart Ache

Help help
I am ill.
Of what I’m not sure
And if I knew of any remedy or opportunity for a cure
I would take it.

You see I’ve tried
To seek treatment
And get better alone
But the complications I have acquired
Have only grown
Worse I fear it.

I have bled out my venom
Soothed my rage
Sweating and
Starving my temptations,

I have repented for my crimes
Apologized for sins
Extended peaceful gestures
In hopes that within
I could cure it.

I have waited
And hard
in hopes that Time
Would look kindly on my troubles
And seal these scars
So I could close it.

But the uncontrollable urges
To regress
And live into the conditions
Where I could address
My fatality
has escaped me…

And now that which
I cannot give away
Or hide or disguise
In any way,
Owns me.

Because we are merged
My illness and I
And I beckon for your help
To separate us

The numbing
The hardening
This disease with no cure
Has left me with little strength
Or desire to endure
Another let down
Or a leap of faith
I want to but,
Am afraid to take
For I am stuck in it.

Stop this maddening and pointless disease

Does someone
Have an anecdote?
Or am I done for?
Is this the final note?

If I knew of any remedy or opportunity for a cure
I would take it.
I would take it.
I would take it.

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