Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Caught Me Dreaming

The panic button pushed 3:45 am
as myself was laughing at the quarter- life crisis
that revolved above the bed

In that moment
we were writing about how comical
it is in retrospect
that we even worried about now.

The jarring reminder of heart palpitations
shallow breath
and other symptoms of
in the vessel of bone and flesh
finally found us
hidden in those crevices
that science has yet to discover
between the
brain and soul

which reset us back to this morning.

4:07 am
between sheets and sweat
Myself is laughing at this all-too familiar scene
where Body Remembers stress
which tries to take us hostage.

It breaks in through the door
and chases us
with the reoccurring red car accident, where the breaks do not work and
we always hit the telephone pole
with the magic rug rolling, where the man always lures us in
with my temptations
with the poison that the government distributed through the water
and turned everyone into zombies

Myself is laughing
at Remembering for
creating these games and fantasies
which trigger Body to alarm
over all of the mundane sets
that for this moment we consent to.

The bed is a battlefield
the twisted blankets,
the war
And in the morning, we are wondering
who it was that won ?

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