Sunday, January 15, 2012


I asked you if you were happy
and you tell me
'I don't know what happiness means'

I feel sorry

Not because you don't know what it means,
(we all have our existential questions)
not because I know in that moment
we're over...
No, I feel sorry because
you won't speak to me
to the truth.

I know you're less innocent than you appear
And whatever it is you're hiding

But I won't tell you that.
You're impossible to reach.
I'll just write it here.

I think you're a coward
and I think you're selfish.

I loved you
and wished that
you could have warned me you were frozen
so I wouldn't try fishing
in a silent, vacant lake.

I wished that you could have been more careful with me.

I feel sorry

not because we're over
but because you never allowed it to fully start.

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