Saturday, January 7, 2012


Your evergreen forests
are exotic.
I wander in them
wondering- how your thought seeds
have grown and hardened
reaching their branches to face the light-and
-how easy it is to lose yourself
in pining over the numerous needles
falling at you like snowflakes.

Your icecaps
are melting.
I dove -in and witnessed the glacial truths
concealed by your silent waters
breaking adrift for you to skate away on-
I discover -in your deep blue caves colliding,
each collected frozen crystal creating
the castles of knowledge you covet.

Your seasons
are stirring.
Below the hard desolate ground of your winter,
I know, in there hiding
are sleeping  flowers
aching to bloom
bursts of love buds and colors
for birds, bees and butterflies
to drink the nectar of your sweet honey.

Let me lay down my blankets of stars
in your black night so that we may connect the dots
and draw images of ourselves before time-
where I am the spider
spinning you
gossamer words,
Hoping to catch you
wandering in my redwood trees.

1 comment:

  1. I love you Rachel. Such a beautiful soul you are.