Friday, October 26, 2012

Black Holes

There once was a  body of Stars,

who would dance every day with her sister Moons
into the night where she slept
gently caressing the shoulder and cheeks
of her brother Planets
all in eternity playing and

Brother warned her about the black holes, because

black holes suck.

They are the definition of what it is to suck, he explained.

When Object passes by, they are slowly intrigued by the mysteriousness of the black hole. So,

they get a little closer. Just to see what this black hole thing is all about.
But, knowing black holes and their devious manners, Brother heads warning that the black hole, waits for this moment of intrigue, because when they are sighted as something curious or mysterious,
it is the moment when they have found their prey.

And good luck to them,
because as soon as any prey tries to get near the essence of a black hole, they are locked on.

And suddenly, the black holes are

hard to see
and hard to makes sense of.

They can take just about anything and warp it
distort it.

Is is then, just when the prey thinks, ok I've had enough
I'm done,
I am ready to move on...

It's locked into the sucking so completely that
it is consumed
It becomes warped, demented.
It doesn't know which dimension it started in,
where it is
or how it will look at the end of this
so called "experience."

So, whenever you see a black hole, please take head when it is said that they
really suck. Because black holes
truly are the definition of sucking.

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