Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Carry Me

I need somebody to carry me on
because I can't seem to get things through
and I've been struggling to fight
with the inches I've made
for what I believe is true.

The beginning of the path is too far away
to start and turn anew
And where I am now
there's no lights to guide, so
I need somebody to carry me too.

I've been dragging my bones
rattling getting louder
each step I take I might feel a little prouder
but my body's aching for a home to call back to
I need somebody to carry me through

My head it feels heavy with rocks of thoughts
My heart feel battled and weathered
My soul has roughened, thick hand of leather

I need somebody to carry
                                           just for a minute
I need somebody to lean

I need somebody to take me through. 

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