Saturday, July 31, 2010


Pride carries us through the times
when day is night and night is lonely

Purpose gives us meaning when
we forget who we are or where we are going

Music lifts us above so high
weaving our souls with the stars in the sky

Poems open hearts so deep
the thoughts and the promises we intend to keep

Dreams allow us to escape
freely we begin to explore

Fears demonstrate created boundaries
stretch them, break them, then discover more

Beauty is fleeting
and made to be admired

Ugliness is everywhere
use it and be inspired

Change is a constant motion
we must give in or die trying

Life is learning, death is a break
sometimes it's all about timing

Cry, scream, smile, laugh
live, breathe, die, rest

Curving, swirling, spin around and round
Keep going, keep being
show me what you have found

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