Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Insomnia 27

The moon
shadows in my sky
Puffs of gray amnesia
the star.
Who am I?

What am I doing?

'Go back to your roots'
I hear
But they were ripped away.

No one plants things anymore.
Only rivers of cement
Canals of cars-
Imitating mechanical

I look for yours still.

My mind won't let me sleep
Exhausted body
I think my mind is ill
and wants to take you down with it.

Full moon of emotion
spiraling spinning
my body
my blankets
my breath

Where did I go wrong?
I used to be so happy
- I still am, I still am-
But I feel more sensitive now than ever.

Before I would battle
Beat this into submission
But now
I feel everything.

Then nothing.

Where am I?
Nothing stays
We're all moving
the earth
the moon
Look at it change!
Clouds cover
Sun pierces

I feel manic
Grinding my teeth
Biting my nails

Am I crazy?
Is everyone just desensitized mechanical
scientific animals
with pavement for veins
and clouds for brains?
I am insane.

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