Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I think I am depressed
when I am alone
and I can think to myself
about all life has shone-
the taken, the had
and I wonder if it matters
if I should be this mad
is it worth all the chatter?
or who actually knows
and if someone does care
or am I really alone?
I think I am depressed.

I see the sad
in everyone's eyes
tears up -my soul
begins to cry
out for a connection
a remembrance
an embrace-
and outlet
an acknowledgment
I am not all a waste...

I think Im depressed
when I feel really tired
and mind starts erasing
and my thoughts seemed wired
I feel it on their face
I hear it in their eye
they wear down on their sleeve
no matter how hard we try

no escaping.
the whole is gaping.

it's caught me now


close. breathe.
no one knows...

I think I am depressed.

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