Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Class Divides

Where does Class come in?
I am not speaking to the class where
you have it
if you you conduct yourself in a certain manner
or how you carry yourself.
I am speaking to the Class
that is,
on the surface at least,
monetarily defined.

When raised
in a certain Class
one becomes influenced
to their surroundings
whether it be comfort and security
or stress and instability
and so they carry these
with them as they grow.

These deposits come to
the perspectives
in which one understands the world.
No one perspective is more right
or more wrong,
but we would like to argue so.

After the deposits and perspectives
rear the individual,
and the experiences they had
(or did not have)
create ideas
and realizations
we begin to see
how they feel they fit
or incorporate themselves
into their existence.

It is here one,
if they so choose,
and can staunchly
and divide
them self.

If one is with
and the other without
then they are both prescribed
to different teams
with different goals
and different values.

This is where Class comes in.

We do not have to be defined
by what it decides
we have autonomy.

There are some aspects
you look
deep enough inside
that we cannot escape.

We fear misunderstanding
and crave the familiar
but this is not a safe place.
It insulates,


This is why Class divides.
This is why
I do not allow
my Class to decide.

I will expose myself
I am open
I will not be surprised

I will catch myself
when looking down
when looking up
and question why.

I will not expect
and I will try to accept
even when I do not agree.

I will respect
I will direct
and try to embrace my enemy.

I can change
I can grow
I can understand
I can know

I am the one who answers and decides
I see how
and disagree
with how Class

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