Sunday, August 22, 2010

To Know Love

What would you say if I told you
that I loved you at first sight

Because that moment I met you
I saw an eternity in your eyes

And I know we can never be together
and I know that it's not right

This time we'll live side by side
happy to know you in this life

What would you do if I confessed
That I miss you every day

Just for a moment, at least
and then it goes away

And I know I'm a little crazy
but there is nothing I can do

Because if I don't see you
the day turns a little blue

You inspire, awoke desire
My love grows more each day

I want to thank you deeply
Nothing more I can really say

To express the level of connection
I feel down in my bones

To know you is to love you
And I hope that is what I've shown.

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