Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Paper Hearts

If I walked a hundred miles,
all the way across towns
and I made it just in time to
collapse at your house
to whisper good night
to you, my sweet
would you then give
your love to me?

"No," she replied
quite incessantly.

If I worked for years
and labored for hours
waited till spring
to pick you fresh flowers
would you then
yield and say
now to you
I can give my love away?

"Flowers will die
and desires do too
this is why I will not
give my love to you"

What if I flew up high to the sky
and gathered the stars
that remind me of your eyes.
Then arranged them in your shape
and in your form
and each night for you,
had them dance and perform?
Then my darling
say it could be
that you would give
your love to me.

"With all of the dazzling presents
this world had to offer
I would have to decline
to keep my best interest in mind
even when the tone
of your voice grows softer.
You can give  and say things
but they don't replace
what is necessary
for my heart's embrace.
I do not believe you are lasting or true
I will not give my heart to you."

So what would I have to do
to prove
that I wanted
a true aim
a balanced game
and a heart holding
all of your love to gain?

Dismayed and sad,
he threw up his arms
and went to turn
away from the girl, uncharmed.
But as he left
pieces started to fall
of little crumpled paper hearts
mangled and small

She bent down
and picked them up,
all and then some,
put them together
until it was one
and looked up at his silhouette,
walking away
and felt the heart beating
with her's doing the same
and she yelled out

"I am holding your heart
and I feel it is mine.
Now I know,
it has been this entire time.
This is the only thing that you needed to do
for me to give up my love to you."

And if you ever see him walking
across large towns,
searching for flowers
in spring's soft ground,
or making stars dance
up high in the sky
you will know why
The paper heart
remains safe with her
till the day they die.

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