Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coming into Me

Went out today,
came home, and realized I-
Change happens fast.
After chemicals in formulas are
mixed, they cannot be separated by science.
They become something else.
In this vibrating matter,
where there are no rules or boundaries,
only expansion and multiplication,
creations of new are merely transformations of lost,
old, destroyed or forgotten.

Naïve hope lingers,
whispering empty promises
of reinforcing walls collapsing
and time warping
to be ready for this,
to complete unfinished reactions
of prior attachments.

But I swallowed
and choked on knowing
wise hope moves forward.
No color
no sound
suspended here
in this space,
the destruction of what became something else.
I am the artist
who will paint the changes
new equations
and unfold to this new experience.
-came into you
and went out as a dream. 

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