Monday, May 21, 2012

Death of a Faun

Crying Wolf.

On top of a city, slumber is disturbed-
when warning howls sing the songs of a fresh kill.
As the body stiffens, turns raised hair
in the opposite direction,
searching for answers...

Silently, deep
the reassuring side responds
gently between sharp teeth
the Spider to unwind and give
into another,
allowing for this sacred exchange.

Wolf devouring.

The Spider watches
while her offering is
intertwining with
the connectivity,
trusting this
shadowy transport between
giving death in hopes of rebirth.

She opens
her delicate, sticky web in confidence.
Beads of clear sentiments decorate her portal
as its ancient wisdom echoes
through the faun
as it is taken.

Wolf lying.

Above the city
he sleeps with shrouded stains
           of other faun,
breaking Spider's webs.
As clarity falls
and its beads splinter,
Wolf eludes-

hidden in his caves
where nothing can enter
an nothing can return.

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